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'Practical Farm Ideas'

Practical Farm Ideas is a printed magazine covering all aspects of agriculture. Published four times a year, the content features agricultural machinery devised and built by farmers in their workshops. Many of these one-off innovations have wide application in the industry.

The History of Agriculture shows that farmers have been inventive in devising machinery for themselves from the earliest of times, and it continues to the present day. Farm machinery manufacturers have a close association with practising farmers who test, advise and modify their products. The purpose of the magazine is to disseminate these ideas so that all farmers can learn about them and benefit.

Practical Farm Ideas is available directly from the publisher but also through national newsagents and national subscription agents.

The magazine is used as a school resource and has been found useful in holding the attention of farm boys whose interest is focussed on tractors and harvesters.

The magazine provides inspiration for farmers who are interested in making and adapting farm equipment in their own workshops.

The magazine is catalogued and accredited by national farming organisations and is listed in as it has global availability. The magazine supports farming events run by the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs such as their 2012 challenge on how to enhance the farmed environment.

The publication contributed to Tomorrow, Today - a major exhibition featuring farm innovation at the [Royal Welsh Show] 2013

The Agri-Web Award scheme is a valued accolade for farmers, companies and organisations whose website and internet presence is of importance to the farming community.

History The first issue was published in May 1992, and carried the slogan "For the brightest ideas in Farming"

Ownership Practical Farm Ideas is owned by MIDO Publications.

Memberships The editor is Mike Donovan, a long standing member of the of Agricultural Journalists.


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