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The Plight of the Mystical Dugongs are a two piece grunge outfit from Sydney, who over the past two years have been tearing away at only a bass and drum kit in an attempt to create something mostly dirty, sometimes funky, usually sleazy and always brutal. Success? Take a listen for yourself. There's more to come.

One day in a land far beyond the land before it, there lived a small child named Jackson. Jackson enjoyed playing the Guiro so very much but could never find anyone to play with him. So one day while playing his Guiro in the forest, out of frustration little Jackson kicked a small hairless animal before skinning and stretching it over a hollow log just for fun. Not yet satisfied he began to beat it with his Guiro stick thinga. "Holy shit, thats fucking rad!" He exclaimed with delight and proceeded to make more things to hit. Off in the distance, a lone Lute virtuoso named Zac heard Jacksons funky jams and became intrigued. "Holy shitballs, thats funking rad!" he exclaimed in delight as he approached little Jackson beating away at his new contraption. "What up, Lutetown?" asked Jackson as Zac studied his new instrument. "Chillin" replied Zac in a rather chilled manner, "Wanna jam n'shit?" So from that moment on the pair jammed away their days in the forest making some super bitchin funk grunge along the way.


  • Zac Fowler/Jackson Flecknoe

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