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Patrick Bachian

Patrick Bachian (Armenian: Պատրիկ Պաշյան, Փաթրիք Պաշեան, is a French contemporary painter born in the Armenian diaspora, spent half his childhood in the Middle East, moved to France in the early 80's.


Patrick Bachian was born in 1971, he has been drawing and painting since a very young age.

His early work was figurative and representational including figures, portraits, landscapes, worked with pencil, charcoal, pastels, marker, ink, watercolour and oil. His transition towards abstraction began in the early 2000s, in oil painting starting with figurative abstract works. Quite soon after he moved to total abstraction, with an energetic and gestural colourful painting. However some very few of his early abstract works are geometrical. Although having started with oil painting, he has thereafter completely adopted the acrylic painting then using it with mixed media and Alternative Processes, such as texture and objects pasting. He began exhibiting his work in the early 2000s, in regional art fairs and galleries and also in various international solo and group shows including New York, Toronto, Tokyo, Shanghai...[1] Several of his paintings have been purchased by private collectors worldwide.[2] His work has also entered the auction market in 2008, with his painting entitled Western Spaghetti, 2002[3] sold at the Hôtel Drouot in Paris.

Patrick Bachian lives and works in southeastern suburbs of Paris.


"There are as many ways to understand art as there are to understand women, nevertheless art is like love, it gives life a meaning."[4] - Patrick Bachian

“My paintings can tell a true story, as well as an imaginary one, based nevertheless on facts, but at the end it is towards the truth that the instinct guides us and it is simply this truth which I try to find and to reproduce in my work.”[5] - Patrick Bachian

List of early abstract works [6]

  • (2001) Rêves
  • (2002) Paysage abstrait-Abstract landscape
  • (2002) Instinct diabolique
  • (2002) Ignéscence
  • (2002) L'univers en apesanteur
  • (2002) Western spaghetti
  • (2002) Cocorico - Le chant du coq
  • (2002) Carnaval
  • (2002) La vie après la mort
  • (2002) Perception divine
  • (2002) Reflets écarlates
  • (2002) La vérité est ailleurs
  • (2002) Danses magiques
  • (2002) Univers impitoyable
  • (2002) Cercles euphoriques
  • (2002) Joker
  • (2002) Rêves juxtaposés
  • (2002) Mosaïque - Les couleurs enchantées
  • (2002) Délivrance
  • (2002) Néant célèste
  • (2002) L'ange qui danse
  • (2002) Les ailes de l'amour
  • (2003) Bright green world
  • (2003) Danseuse au soleil couchant
  • (2003) Nuit en pleine mer
  • (2003) S031-S032-S033 (Three works)


  • Փաթրիք Պաշեան : վերացական լեզուամտածողութեամբ օժտուած գեղանկարիչ (in Armenian) (Patrick Bachian : A painter endowed with the language of abstract thinking) Զարթօնք օրաթերթ,(Zartonk daily) Փետրվար 12, 2012, Էջ 5 (February 12, 2012, page 5)[7]


  • "Culture Vulture: Patrick Bachian" interview by Liana Aghajanian. May 14, 2009. [1]


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