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The Nesa Ahroa is an interesting creature currently residing in the general Stafford area. Instead of being in the human species (homo sapiens), it is rather classified as Rotten Tomatoes (cariosi lycopersici). This creature has severe nerd-like characteristics and can be dangerously aggresive if confronted and/or filmed in its natural habitat. Be forewarned: long-term exposure to the Nesa Ahroa can result in partial or total loss of hearing due to the piercing screeches it utters whenever it is confronted. It also has an extremely negative mentality and will disagree violently with everything whether it is to its advantage or otherwise. This creature has two main reaction when it is confronted. The choice of which of the two depends on the formidability of the person who confronts it. If the confronter is weak then it will attack by feebly scratching and scrabbling at the person. This may result in slight tearing or puncturing of the skin but can be easily be remedied with Band-Aids. If the confronter is strong however, the Nesa Ahroa will become alarmed and squawking loudly in a manner which resmbles a chicken, will run away as  fast as possible. This is all that is known about the elusive Nesa Ahroa at this time. Further information on this creature will be released as it is discovered.


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