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Mustafa Ali Hamdani (1909—1980) was a seasoned and a celebrated broadcaster of Radio Pakistan[1][2]. He was known for his captivating voice and impeccable Urdu enunciation.[3] He is a legendary figure in the history of Radio Pakistan and any reminiscence of old days of radio are incomplete without the mention of his name.[4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] He had the honor of being the first newscaster to announce the independence of Pakistan on Aug 13, 1947 at 11:59 pm in Urdu[10]. In the words of Naeem Tahir (a seasoned actor and presenter of Paksitan radio and television), "It was the voice of Syed Mustafa Ali Hamadani, the duty announcer at the Radio Station in Lahore. Mustafa Ali Hamadani’s announcement immortalised him and sent an electric wave through all the people who officially heard the name ‘Pakistan’ for the first time."[11] He announced Pakistan's independence in the following words:

اسسلام و علیکم

پاکستان براڈ کاسٹنگ سروس. ہم لاہور سے بول رہے ہیں. تیرہ اور چودہ اگست سن سینتالیس عیسویں کی درمیانی رات. بارہ بجے ہیں. طلوع صبح آزادی'

The English translation of the announcement is as follows:

Greetings! Pakistan Broadcasting Service. We are speaking from Lahore. The night between thirteen and fourteen August, year nineteen forty-seven. It is twelve O' clock. Dawn of Freedom.

This announcement is aired by Pakistan Television Network (A state run TV network - PTV) every year during the special independence day transmissions. One of the sample announcements by PTV can be found at this link.

For the Pakistanis who were alive at the time of partition, his announcement and his name is an important part of their memories about their independence day.[12] For younger generations his voice and announcement is symbolic of the collective pride. The pride of achievement that a nation feels when it announces its freedom to the rest of the world. This can be judged by the multitude of blogs, community sites and official websites posting his announcement video and his historical picture taken in the studio at the time of announcement. [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18]

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Life and Interests

He was born in 1909 in the month of July in Lahore. He married in 1925 to Zakia Hamdani. He died at the age 71, during the night of April 21, 1980 in Lahore. His wife passed away in December 1991. Mustafa Ali Hamadani was an avid reader and a poet. He had a sound command of both Urdu and Persian languages. In Indian subcontinent, it was customary for people with literary inclination to develop mastery of both Urdu and Persian languages.


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