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Grof Milos Dramicanin


Earl of might , doctor , professor , lord Milos Dramicanin comes from a faraway town called Ivanjica . It`s a small place placed between Cacak and Nis . In his early ages he made many inventions such as chopper , rocket and has been a great help to applied chemistry. Thus he is also known as "Milos the hemicar" . He likes maths , english , computers , animes , swimming and martial arts.Also he is a great tennis player.People may wonder why ? It`s quite simple .. He won Nikola Zoran Dzibrakovic 23 times in a row . Believe , that`s quite an accomplishment. He`s a master of many techniques such as Shinkai , Shunpo , different kinds of kido , swordmanship and more. That gives him another cool nick " Milos the Invincible " ... I would stop here .. cuz if i`d continue you would need days and days just to read basics about this great man !

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