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The Marvin Tribes History

Marvin is a space monkey-like creature that is considered an animal. But not many know of its existence. It is very rare to come across becuse basicly its dead. For a long time ago in America, before the indian tribes there was a tribe that called themselfs The Cheese Tribe. They belived in the ways of Marvin Marvinson. Marvin had a profet Mr. Pojito that convinced over 80 000 people. But when the Indians came they killed all the other tribes, americans killed them and soon the Cheese tribe will return and continue theyre tribe and so it will go on and on.


4000 years ago, in america a flammiing ball of FIRE came towards earth and inside it was Pojito. When he landed he found himself forced to take a pee..and so he did. After several minutes of peeing he started walking and on his way he had a vision of Marvin himself telling him to tell the tales of him and get more belivers. And so Mr. Pojito talked to many different tribes and convinced them all of Marvins excistence. The tribes was at a size of 80 000 people. Mr. Pojito was inloved with a women called Rasputia, but unfortently she was already the fiance of Norbit. After many sexy night with Mr. Pojito, Rasputia decided to divorce with Norbit. Norbit heart was crushed now that he had to marry the sexy and most beautiful person in Town Maria. Rasputia nad Pojito had a son that they called Rufus. Otherwise know like Rufus The Wonderdog. After all this and more so far unknown events, Mr. Pojito died of black cock down syndrome. After that he was buried on the now so called Svenska Skolan Marbella....


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