Ludwig Feuchtwanger was a German lawyer, lecturer and author. He was born on 28 November, 1885 in Munich, and died on 14 July, 1947 in Winchester, England.


Feuchtwanger's ancestors originated from the Middle Franconian city of Feuchtwangen which, following a pogrom in 1555, expelled all its resident Jews. Some of the expellees subsequently settled in Fürth where they were called the Feuchtwangers, meaning those from Feuchtwangen. Feuchtwanger's grandfather Elkan moved to Munich in the middle of 19th century. Ludwig Feuchtwanger was born in 1885 to Orthodox Jewish margarine manufacturer Sigmund Feuchtwanger and his wife Johanna née Bodenheim. He was the second son in a family of nine siblings. He is the younger brother of Lion Feuchtwanger, a German-Jewish novelist and playwrightand. He and his brother Martin became authors. His son is the London-based historian Edgar Feuchtwanger. Two of his sisters settled in Palestine following the rise of the Nazi Party, one was killed in a concentration camp, and one sister settled in New York City.


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