Lev Klyatis (born 1933) is Senior Advisor SoH cbaR, Inc[1]. Klyatis is known for his pioneering work in successful prediction of product performance (including quality, reliability, durability, safety, life cycle cost, income, profit and recalls) for service life. It covers new ideas and offers a unique approach to accurate simulation and integration of field inputs, safety, and human factors, as well as accelerated product development, as components of interdisciplinary systems engineering[2]. He has published more than 250 scientific papers [authored (75%) and co-authored], 12 books, and 30 patents in a wide range of areas, including accurate predicting, accelerated reliability and durability testing technology, physical simulation, improvement engineering culture, and flax growing.

Early Years

Born in Kiev, capital of Ukraine, he spent much of his early childhood in Ukraine. Subsequently he was educated at high school No.10 (Kiev) and Dnepropetrovsk Agricultural University, Mechanical Engineering (Ukraine), now[10]. He was served as a test and principal engineer Ukranian, then Lvov, then Kalinin Governmental Test Centers. He obtained a Ph.D. in Engineering Technology from Belorussia State Agricultural University. From 1960 he began to work in dramatically development of product reliability/durability testing through accurate physical simulation of field conditions in the laboratory for obtaining initial information for successful predicting of test subject efficiency during service life. For practical implementation new ideas and theoretical concepts, he developed new methods and tools. From 1962 to 1965 he obtained more than 10 patents related to methodologies and design of systems for field accurate physical simulation and reliability/durability testing in the laboratory. These innovations were implemented in industrial company Bezeckselmash and Kalinin Governmental Test Center for increasing reliability and durability of farm machinery.

Career in the Soviet Union [edit]

In recognition of ideas and implementation work, in 1965 he was invited to Moscow as a Principal Specialist of Ministry of Agriculture USSR. Then the Soviet Union government organized, at the All-Soviet Union Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture (VIM), a special group Predicting Efficiency of Farm Machinery for the development of his ideas, concepts, and implementation through corresponding tools and he chaired of this group. From 1967 to 1972 Dr. Klyatis was the Soviet Union's Representative for the Economic Commission for Europe, United Nations, where three of his presentations on Accelerated Testing of Farm Machinery (two in Geneva (1968-1969), one in New York (1970) were published in five official languages of the UN. From 1965 he concentrated on the problem of successful predicting quality, reliability, durability, safety, and life cycle cost. In 1967, the Scientific Council of Saratov University of Agriculture approved his dissertation Scientific Basis of Farm Machinery Efficiency Predicting to obtain an East European high level doctoral degree (Doctor of Technical Sciences). When the Highest Attestation Commission (HAC) of the USSR recommended Dr. Klyatis update this dissertation, he did this with a new title The Basis of Accelerated Testing of Farm Machinery, which was approved in 1982 by the Council of Leningrad Agricultural University and accepted (by the HAC of the USSR) in 1982. This dissertation included first in the world complex, grounded theoretically and implemented practically through correspondence methods and tools for the accuracy of physical modeling of real world conditions, the foundation of accelerated reliability durability testing. Dr. Klyatis formulated methods of accurate physical simulation of real world conditions in which all important field influences act simultaneously and in interacted mutual combination. For these solutions Dr. Klyatis obtained 12 patents for his special tools and methods. Part of these innovations were implemented in All-USSR industrial company VNIIZIVMASH (Kiev, Ukraine) and Special Design Bureau Bobruiskselmash (Belorussia) in design and manufacturing for increasing reliability and durability equipment for animal husbandry mechanization. From 1972 until 1993 Dr. Klyatis was a scientist and research leader in USSR (then Russia) research centers, concentrating on the development of new concepts for accurate predicting of farm machinery and automotive efficiency on the basis of his theories of accurate physical simulation of field conditions and unique new accelerated reliability and durability testing technology. This technology helped to obtain initial information for practical accurate predicting efficiency in engineering (and not engineering only). As component of this technology, was developed new generation of vibration equipment for testing on random influences of complete transport in 3 degrees of freedom and their units in 6 degrees of freedom. In 1989 Soviet Union Government organized the Engineering Center TESTMASH, which then transformed in State Enterprise TESTMASH,where Dr. Klyatis was invited as a Chairman and Research Leader to implement his ideas. In 1991 Lev Klyatis became Full Professor and began teaching graduate students and professors of Moscow State University of Agricultural Engineers. In 1990 Dr. Klyatis, who has proposals from Western countries for collaboration, was invited as a member of the US-USSR Trade and Economic Council, Inc., which was organized by the governments of the United States of America and Soviet Union for improvement of trade and economic collaboration both countries. In 1991, Mr. Nikolay Bekh, the Chairman of Kamaz, Inc.(large Soviet Union’ company for trucks design and manufacturing, more than 100,000 employees) invited Dr. Klyatis to implement his strategy and develop a system of testing and accurate efficiency predicting for Kamaz, Inc. Dr. Klyatis with his team developed first in the world large test chamber for physical simulation of combined field conditions, then accelerated reliability/durability testing of full duty track KAMAZ.

Klyatis was professor in leading Russian university on the basis of obtained testimonial of full-life professor, Moscow, Jointed by order No 7859-k of Moscow University of Agricultural Engineers November 22, 1991 to position Professor of Department of Farm Machinery Usage for reading lectures for students in farm machinery. Klyatis is co-author of the textbook “Complexes of New Machines for Cultivating and Harvesting Grain and Industrial Crops” which is to allowed in 1972 by Department of High and Middle Education of Ministry of Agriculture Soviet Union as a textbook for increasing education of collective farms chairs and professional engineers of universities.

Dr. Klyatis led the Soviet Union, and then Russia’s, Governmental Program for development design and manufacturing of advanced equipment for measurement/control/testing until year 2000. This included development of a multi-environmental test chamber volume 500 m3, unique vibration equipment within 6 degrees of freedom, computer-aided system of control on the basis of microprocessors for group of equipment for life cycle testing, and others).He developed and used new research methods for accurate simulation of field conditions. At that time limitations in computer capabilities were an obstacle to using real world random processes for accurate physical simulation of influencing factors, especially for system of control. Therefore professor Klyatis with his colleagues created and obtained patents to unique equipment for the generation of non-stationary random processes. In 1993 Dr. Klyatis obtained from Latvia Agricultural University his third doctoral degree – Doctor Habilitatus of Engineering (Dr. Habil.Sc.Ing.) - (high level of doctoral degree in Western European countries).

Career in the United States [edit]

In 1993, he came to New York, United States of America and in 1994 was elected to ASAE (American Society Agricultural Engineers) T-14 Reliability Commettee. In 1995 he was a sponsor for updating the ASAE standard EP 456 Test and Reliability Guidelines, where were implemented some his ideas and solutions. Since 1995, he has been an ASQ (American Society for Quality) member, and since 1997 an SAE International member. In 1994 he joined the Eccol, Inc. in New York as a Chair of Reliability Department, where he worked until 2009. Starting in 1995, he began to concentrate on the problem of developing accurate efficiency predicting in automotive, aerospace, electronic, and other areas of industry on the basis of accurate physical simulation of the real world interacted conditions and accelerated reliability and durability testing technology. Dr. Klyatis developed this on the basis of ideas he created and developed in the Soviet Union for farm machinery and automotive industry. He first formulated that accurate simulation of real-world conditions requires comprehensive simulation of all important field input influences interacted with safety and human factors. He consulted Ford, DaimlerChrysler, Thermo King, Black & Dekker, Karl Schenk (Germany), NASA Research Centers, and others for studying the causes of degradation problems with their product and solving them. Examples of these activities are described in his books Successful Accelerated Testing published in 2002 by Mir Collection (New York), in 2006 Accelerated Quality and Reliability Solutions by Elsevier Science in UK [2]. For the American Society for Quality he taught seminar Accelerated Testing of Products.

L. Klyatis also author of the textbook Accelerated Reliability and Durability Testing Technology, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., USA, 2012, which is using in many countries over the world (USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, New Zeeland, Korea, and others). From review published in magazine Quality Progress, USA, November 2013: “This book is excellent resource for teachers and students”.[7]. SAE International published in 2016 his book “Successful prediction of product performance, quality, reliability, durability, safety, maintainability, life-cycle cost, profit, and other components” [8].

Dr. Klyatis served on the US Technical Advisory Group for International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in international standardization, Technical Committee TC56 Dependability; ISO/IEC Joint Study Group in Safety Aspects of Risk Assessment; ACDI VOCA of US Agency for International Development; World Quality Council. In 2009 he joined the SoHaR, Inc. as Senior Consultant, than Senior Advisor.[1] He is serving as an SAE Representative for Elmer Sperry Board of Award; SAE Aerospace G-11 Executive and Reliability Committee where leading the effort in developing a group of standards with common title Reliability Testing; instructor for Toyota, Nissan, Jatco top management special seminars; tutor for DoD, DoT, and Industry workshop/ symposium “A Road Map to Readiness at Best Cost for Improving the Reliability and Safety of Ground Vehicles” (2012); Chairman of a Technical Session “Trends in Development of Accelerated Reliability Testing” for the SAE 2012 - 2018 World Congresses & Exhibition (Detroit, MI); and Chair of Chat with the Expert “Why Industrial Companies have Problems with Recalls, Quality, Reliability, and Less Profit than Planned. The Way for Improvement this Situation” for SAE 2013 World Congress.

He is an official member of the Executive and Program Committees of large scientific conferences in engineering. Klyatis is a member of Program Committee (IDM) SAE World Congresses, Detroit, USA in 2012, 2013, and 2014 (the number of members more than 10,000 annually). Doctor Klyatis was invited and made presentations at the following large meetings: a. Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposiums (RAMS) in 1997-2002; b. Annual Quality Congresses in 1996, 1997, 2001, 2002; c. SAE World Congresses, Detroit, in 1996 – 2014; d. International IEEE workshops in Accelerated Stress Testing and  Reliability (ASTR) in 1997, 1998, 2009; and others.

Awards [edit]

Lev Klyatis is an official member of the Executive and Program Committees of large scientific committees  <SAE 2012 2017 World Congresses, Integrated Design and Manufacturing (IDM) Executive & Program Committee: International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in international standardization, Technical Committee 56 (Durability); ISO/IEC Joint Study Group in Safety Aspects of Risk Assessment: World Quality Council; SAE G-11R Committee; Expert Economic Commission for Europe, United Nations>

In Soviet Union he received numerous gold and silver medals of All-Soviet Union Exhibition for design and implementation in of his inventions. In 1998 he was elected as a Foreign Academician of Russian Federation Academy for Quality. In 2002 he received the ASQ (American Society for Quality) Special Service Award for dedicated contribution toward achievement that have been key factor in a successful year for the ASQ. In 2002 he received the Outstanding Contribution Award of the SAE International Aerospace Council for outstanding contribution in furthering the goals of the Technical Standard Board Council, which are serve the public, government, and industry through standardization and dissemination of aimed at improving advancing transportation safety and technology. In 2003 he received the ASQ Allen Shop Award for his long-term support of practical applications of reliability testing, where was also written “… He has been recognized by reliability community for his invaluable and tireless efforts to the advance technical knowledge of the profession”. In 2005 he was elected as the ASQ Fellow for “Outstanding contribution and innovations in the fields modeling, accelerated reliability testing, and accurate predicting that leads to improving quality, reliability, and maintainability during design, manufacturing, and usage; for implementation practices via consulting, seminars, books, and more than 200 publications, for more than 30 patents in different countries”. In 2008 he was elected as the SAE International Fellow for “Outstanding contribution in unique conception of mobile technology for accelerated solution of quality, reliability, maintainability by research, innovation, and leadership in advance combined strategy”.

Published Bio’s and Some of Reviews

It has been published his biography and his books reviews in scientific journals and magazines, where asserted his achievements and unique solutions of successful efficiency predicting, accurate physical simulation of field conditions, and accelerated reliability/durability testing technology. For example, Final Program SAE 2013 World Congress & exhibition[4] wrote that “He created a new world technology for accelerated solution of accurate predicting reliability/durability/ maintainability/safety problems during service life through innovation in the fields of accurate physical simulation, accelerated reliability/durability testing, and successful problems prevention”. Richard Rudy (DaimlerChrysler Corporation) wrote in his book review[7] that “… There is one and only one change to test the design in a representative, accelerated fashion to prove high reliability. Dr. Klyatis’s book provides valuable information on the how-to side of analyzing the inputs to identify the right factors that influence reliability, and then developing the accelerated test that duplicates those factors influence in the laboratory test… The book is an excellent addition to the library of every design engineer seeking to improve his/her design expertise”. Bryan Roggles (Boeing) wrote in book review [8] “Anyone interested in high-quality products, particularly in the areas of reliability and durability, will find this book a valuable resource”. Dak K. Murthy (NJ Transit) wrote in his book review[8] “…Important benefits of this book are: ●New concepts which can help to solve earlier inaccessible problems during design, manufacturing, and usage. ●Can help dramatically reduce recalls. ●Develops a new approach to improving the engineering culture for solving reliability and quality problems.” In journal [6] was written a book review by Dr. Russ Vacante, Accelerated Reliability and Durability Testing Technology authored by Lev Klyatis and published by Wiley,which “…is an interesting and eye opening excursion on how to conduct, properly, accelerated reliability and durability testing (ART/ADT). New concepts and ideas are centered on close simulation of the conditions that equipment(s) are exposed out “in the field”. There are many published citations and references about Lev Klyatis’ achievements in scientific journals.                                                        

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