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Kobus Bester born 26 March 1991 in Pretoria South Africa and later moved to Witbank Mpumalanga is one of the coolest kids of his era. Famous for many of his fights in high school, and gaining more notority after joining up with Witbank legend and professional boxer Shaun Goodall. Kobus is a very friendly and mature person, but he will punch your face in if messed with.

Kobus enjoys events such as drinking fighting and more drinking. Kobus's top 10 listed best friends is .Jason Bresler-known for setting things on fire .JC Bonthuys-Known for benching 150KG .Jaques Viviers-Known for drinking more than his liver can handle .Stefan Momberg-Monster Known for killing lions with his calves .John Geary-Knoown for throwing eggs .Shaun Goodall-Known for beating people up .Wayne Robberts-Known for playing girls .Deon Taljaard-Known for Eating 18x his stomach size .Tiaan Niemann-Known for abusing filter pens .Vincent Mosgrove-Known for looking like Justin Timberlake

Kobus enjoys music such as rap and hip hop. his favorite artist is well known rapper 50 cent. Kobus has a very white skin which aids him when fighting in sunlight, as he blind his opponent before he gives a finishing strike.

Many has asked the question, why is Kobus so big yet so fast.... the answer for this is as Qouted by the K-dog himself "Dis te danke aan al die black label en al 5 Rocky movies" Kobus also known as the Big K-Dog, has had over 15 fights and only lost one.

Kobus is a trainee accountant and through his busy life finds time to box, do mma, gym study and party. a True inspiration to us all. When busy thinking Kobus wil consantly pull out his mustache as this helps him to focus.

They say kobus can break a bench bar with his bare hands.


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