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Kayla Whales

Kayla whales are a member of the wambo whale family. They are reclusive and seldom seen by people. On the rare occasions that Kayla whales do come in contact with people they often behave agressively. There are reports of 3 deaths that have been caused by Kayla whale attacks.[1] The deaths resulted from brutal blows from the tails of the Kayla whales.[2] Kayla whales are extreemly dangerous and should be avoided by humans. Dead Kayla Whales that have washed up on shore are often used by scientists for medical testing. Research done on Kayla whales has been very helpful in the medical field.[3]

Kayla Whales in the Wild

In the wild Kayla whales mainly live near the North and South Poles. The only known reason they leave the poles is to mate. Kayla whales normally eat other whales or certain types of fish and most kinds of squid.[4] They spend most of their time at depths well below 1000 feet and surface every few hours to breath. The Kayla whale usually hunts at night. Kayla whales often use their tails to stun their prey and then they will consume them head first while they are incompacitated. During the mating season Kayla whales will travel as far as the equator to bread. Multiple male whales will fight over a single female. Males often injure or even kill each other in the process. When a male whale is killed the other whales start eating it before it sinks to the ocean floor.[5]

Interaction With People

The violent nature of kayla whales makes them a danger to humans. People often over-react to attacks by Kayla whales on people. In some instances after a Kayla whale attack as many as 10 Kayla whales have been slayed in revenge.[6] Whaling of Kayla whales has been made illegal by the International Whaling Commission.[7]

Physical Description

Kayla whales are massive sea mammals that weigh up to 87 metric tons.[8] They are a dark blueish-grey as an adult and an off-white when they are young. Their eyes are tiny for the size of the whale. The fins of a Kayla whale are fairly large and the whale uses them to propel its self through the water. The tail is the most awesome feature of the Kayla whale. Kayla whale's tails are enormous and they have several black lines that run along the tail vertically. The whales use their tails for hunting as well as defence. A slap from the tail of a Kayla whale can instantly stun the whales prey so the whale can eat the victim before it regains consciencness.[9]


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