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It all started August of 2001 in the hallways of Louisville Middle School when Katie Angell and Alisa Benedetti first met each other.

"Hey, is your last name Benedetti?" Katie asked. "Yeaaaah," said Alisa. "My mom knows your dad!" "Let's be best friends!" "OKAY!"

As each day passed, Katie and Alisa grew closer. Little did they know their brains were starting to morph together into, what is now called, KATISA.

It wasn’t until they were out of high school when they started seeing odd similarities between each other; similarities that no other friendships maintain. You might refer to these similarities as psychological telepathy and hormonal powers. They can read each other’s minds and they give off sensual electric waves when someone is within 100ft of them. The longer they know each other the stronger their powers become.

For those of you who don’t know what Katisa is have never experienced it. For those of you who do, know of the great lengths Katisa is capable of going.

You may ask: What are their weaknesses? Alcohol. Alcohol deteriorates their control over all powers they hold; becoming more likely to destroy an entire city rather than to unite one in party or love.

This information is based off pure assumptions and observations; scientists continue to conduct studies to further explain this abnormality in life.

Katisa is a natural phenomenon that has yet to be explained. What we do know: Be nice to Katisa and you will find that Katisa is nice to you. Especially you males; they love your kind.


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