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Juan Direction are 5 Mexican sex gods with the voice of angels. The band consists of Carlito, Pepito, Martito, Miguelito and Dick. April 2012 was the date of their first apperance where they showed off their dance moves. They have fans who call them selves the 'juaners' and all the fans are very dedicated. Sir Paul Higgz is the master of these boys and everyone must bow to him. Alot of people mistake them for the popular UK band One Direction but these boys are nothing like them. Juan Direction have a big future in the music industry. The juaners are very proud of their boys. Let me tell you a bit about the boys.

Carlito - He is one very special snowflake. His interests consist of cats, Louis Tomlinson (from the band One Direction) and he sometimes gets mistaken for Mick Jagger. Many people think his hair is a wig but it most certaintly is not. His dimples are said to be the most amazing thing in the whole world. His weakness is Karl Stephenovic.

Pepito - Sorry girls he is taken. By a lovely young lady who deserves to be treated like royalty (cause she's dating one of the hottest guys in Mexico). His favourite thing is stripes and suspenders. When he flicks his suspenders it makes everyone within miles start dancing - preferably the stop the traffic and let 'em through. He sometimes looks like Leonardo Dicaprio. Pepito has been putting the 'ass' is sassy since 1991. His favourite people are Susan Boyle and Harry Styles.

Martito - His flashing toothbrush is his weapon. He will flash his light at anyone who says a bad word. He is known as 'Daddy Juan' in the group. He is also taken girls. His girlfriend is gorgeous, bow to her. Martito loves Toy Story, Leona Lewis and turtles. He is very protective over the other boys. Sometimes the boys just dance way too much and Martito has to calm them down by singing them lullabys with his angel like voice.

Miguelito - Miguelito isnt his real name it is actually Miguelitoriloveniallhoran. Yes, Miguelito was left in a garbage chute with only underpants on. He loves mirrors and saying 'juan happenin?'. He is also taken. She is beautiful and can also sing. His favourite show is Phineas and Ferb, because its so deep. He has alot of swag and his favourite place to be is on the rollercoaster of life.

Dick - Dick is believed to be a decendant from Jesus. His laugh is so cheery that is can make anyone within kilometers of him happy. He has good luck and loves Justin Bieber. His most favourite thing in the world is food and he intends to one day become the master of Nandos and start building nandos ever kilometer so he is always within driving range of one. He jumps as high as a skyscraper and yes his hair IS blonde.


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