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Hans Frederich Ball grew up in Stuttgart, which is in Germany and lived with his foster family (Hans Ball was an orphan). "Hans Ball Sr.", and his mother, "Spalding High-Bounce Ball". Born with a small muscle defect, he couldn't do much exercise. Becoming very depressed, he saught a way to get around this. He decided to make a game which he could be better at the local kids at. These were the humble beginnings of handball.

NOTE: Handball was originally called "Hans-ball". The hyphen is never omitted.


AS more and more people in his village found about the game that Hans was better than them at, they got angry. Then, Hans gave them some pointers so they could improve at handball. They then loved the game, for some reason.


Handball was gaining popularity. Hans decided to make a ball that everyone could play with around the world. He ended up with a round, hollow rubber ball, surrounded by green fuzz. This ball was later adopted by tennis.
Handball pictogram

Hans in his signature serving pose


Handball was what Hans loved doing most. It is for this tragic reason that at 80 years old Hans died by breaking every bone in his body, attempting the 1000 degrees shot, which was yet to be tested.

“80 years old is a bit too old for that kind of stuff. Why couldn't of he just stuck in a nursing home?” – Paul Ball, descendant of Hans, and a famous handball analyst.

Up-and-coming Stars

Some handball stars that have received the Hans Ball memorial prize for demonstrating extreme skill in their shots through precision, power and accuracy are Kieran Dale (only 10-time winner), Josh Grasso (on the account of his steroid-enhanced shot), and Neil McCraith (because of his dog shots). Other winners include Matt Lynch and Robert Carollo, an extreme homosexual.


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