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Giant Faeces Attacks Disease ( Rarest Disease On Earth),r:0,s:0&tx=76&ty=102,r:0,s:0&tx=76&ty=102

Giant Faeces Attack disease, is one of the rarest diseases on earth. It is an ancient disease that originated in Egypt in 3100 BC. At that time it was more common because of the lack of medication and sanitary shelters and food. Today there are only 13 reported cases. Five of these cases are in the United States. There are two males with the disease that live in solitude in Berkely San Fransisco. A male who has it who lives in San Jose, California. A female who has it in Detroit, Michigan. And a female who ha it in suburban Chicago Illinois. We only have two names of reported cases and they are Adronicka Leavitt, who lives in Lincolnwood Illinois. And Mason Jeffrey's, who lives in Berkely San Fransisco.

Effects The effects of this disease are gross and exruciating. First their is a two week incubation period in which the victim becomes constipated. After the incubation period is over, the victim feels cramping pain in his/her stomach for around 12-24 hours. Once the cramping is over the victims usually feel better until they have to go to the bathroom. When they finally feel like their faeces are coming out, the faeces stop. They don't notice it but the faeces is at least 10 times larger than a regular turd. The faeces wont move and it is told that the pain is 5 times worse than child berth. After countless minutes of pushing, the faeces will not come out. After a day or two the faeces will mold and become as hard as a metal chair. It stays there and has no cracks and will never come out until it is surgically removed with a Samurai sword. The faeces staying there for months can be deadly, because it can block blood flow to your intestines. It would also block out the anus so that at some point your intestines would burst because of all the food and waste that would be sitting there.

Surgery The surgery is very simple. You do not put the patient under an an anaesthesia. You tell them to relax and stay calm. The surgeon will be either A Korean, Japanese, or Chinese. This is because they have done this job for centuries and centuries. The Asian takes the Samurai Sword and then proceeds and chops off the Giant Faeces. They then insert the sword into the patients anus and they scope out and take all of the remaining faeces out. This procedure can be painful during the scoping procedure. Also the surgeon has to check the scrotum or clitoris for any faeces. This procedure needs stitches around the anus and pubic area.

Stereotypes Being a Giant Faeces Surgeon is a stereotype to Asians. Jokes and bullying are made through this procedure.

Symptoms These are some symptoms

Swelling of the ass or scrotum, clitoris swelling, faeces bigger than 3 feet long or a yard, the urge to jack off to faeces, uncontrollable Anus splattering all over your pants, uncontrollable scrotum squirting, and leg twitching when near toilet, arm tingling when near a penis or vagina, and shitting you pants in front of 40,000 people at Wrigley Field


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