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Gary Snorf (Exxxotic Dancer)

Gary Snorf is a world renowned exotic dancer. With a career spanning over 69 years, Gary has performed at festivals, private parties, and church gatherings all around the world. His unique style of strip tease has influenced prominent figures in the entertainment industry such as Kanye West, Ron Jeremy, and Cardinal Richelieu IV. Aside from male stripping, Gary has also dabbled in professional bass fishing, ice fishing, and fishnet pantyhose. He currently resides in Puerto Vallarta as a dancer/foot massager for local drug lords.

Early Life Gary was born in the fires of Mordor to Smaug and Tom Brady. Because he was born with a non-functioning vagina, his parents decided to perform an emergency sex altercation surgery just 3 years after birth. They then dropped him off at a safe haven in San Francisco where he was adopted by a group of flamboyant homosexuals and raised as one of their own.


  • The Bible
  • The Quran
  • The Torah
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