Etech Group is a public unlisted education software company established in 1993. Its main products are Studywiz Learning Environment for K-12 schools, and learning delivery system Fourpoint Learning for corporate clients.

Etech Group was originally an educational multimedia company, and later moved into the eLearning industry, working with educational and corporate clients. Etech Group provides services related to its products, such as training, implementation, integration and hosting.

Headquartered in Hobart, Australia, founder Geoff Elwood remains Chief Executive of Etech Group. Today, Etech Group has offices in Melbourne, Australia; Brighton and Hove, UK; Bedminster and Palo Alto, USA; and Hong Kong, China.


Studywiz Learning Environment – A safe online space for schools to collect, organise and manage curriculum to support 21st century learning.

Studywiz Spark (US Version) – Provides an online space to collect, organize and manage K - 12 curriculum.

Studywiz Mobile – Studywiz Learning Environment with a mobile interface for handheld devices to facilitate anytime, anywhere learning.

Studywiz Primary – A learning environment for primary students and teachers in upper and lower years.

Studywiz ePortfolio – An online space for students to store, manage and showcase school and personal achievement and house online Individual Learning Plans.

Sustainability Wiz – An online learning environment offering schools sustainability programs to drive eco-change and reduce carbon footprints.

Strategic Alliances

Etech Group has strategic global alliances with Apple Inc and the Gould League in the USA and Australia. It has product integrations with its Studywiz Learning Environment and service and content providers including Gmail by Google, ClickView, and Turnitin. In addition, Etech Group has official resellers agreements with Serco Group throughout Ireland and European International Schools and HSD in Germany for its Studywiz Learning Environment. It is accredited on the Learning Platforms Services Framework Agreement by Becta to supply 29,000 schools across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


  • 2009 SIIA CODiE Winner Best Mobile Solution for Studywiz Spark Mobile (USA)
  • 2008 Tech & Learning Award for Excellence for Studywiz Spark (USA) [1]

^2008 Handheld Learning Award for Innovation for Studywiz Mobile (UK)[2]

2008 AIIA Inspiration Award for Etech Group (Australia)

2008 AIIA Education and Training iAward for Etech Group (Australia)

2008 TAS ICT Award – President’s Award for Excellence in ICT for Etech Group (Australia)

2008 TAS ICT Award – Innovation ICT Solution for Etech Group (Australia)



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