CodeNarc is an open source software tool that analyzes Groovy source code. It uses static analysis to identify hundreds of types of potential errors, bad practices, inconsistencies and style issues. Static analysis serves as an aid in maintaining and enforcing a set of software quality standards across one or more developers and/or software projects.

CodeNarc includes configurable rules for finding:

  • Unused code
  • Unnecessary code
  • Code that violates configurable limits for size/complexity
  • Code that violates naming conventions
  • Code that violates Groovy-specific idiomatic conventions
  • Code that violates best practices for concurrency, security and serialization
  • Code that violates best practices for Grails and JUnit frameworks

Plugins - Integration With Other Software Tools

CodeNarc plugins exist for:

See also


  • Ikkink, Hubert Klein, Gradle Effective Implementation Guide, 2012, Packt Publishing [1]
  • Guillaume LaForge, What's New in Groovy 1.6, 2009, InfoQ article



  • Hamlet D'Arcy has produced a screencast entitled "Groovy CodeNarc: How to Write a Rule".

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