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This is the most powerful weapon in the universe. It contained the spiritual power of the Saptarshis.

No other weapon in the universe can hold cradle to it. If weapons like Brahmastra, Pashupatastra, Brahmasira, Amoghashakti, Vajra, Narayanaastra, Vaishnavastra or even the Sudharshana Chakra is used against this, it would not affect the holder of Brahmadanda. This astra is the most powerful weapon of Lord Brahma.

When King Kaushika, ordered his soldiers to seize the Kamdhenu (divine cow) from Brahmarshi Vasishta and drove it to his kingdom. The army of King Kaushika attacked on Brahmarshi Vasishta, Vasishta used Brahmadanda and defeated his army. When King Kaushika knew this, he personally led army and attacked on Brahmarshi Vasishta. But he was defeated, captured and pardoned by Vasistha.

King Kaushika could not tolerate this defeat and prayed for various gods for many years. The gods give their personal weapons to the King. The King Kaushika again attacked on Brahmarshi Vasishta. King Kaushika Agneyastra, Varunaastra, Vayvayaastra, Nagaastra and he used even Brahmaastra, Narayanaastra and Pashupatastra against Brahmarshi Vasishta. But even this time King Kaushika was defeated, captured and pardoned by Vasistha.

This time King Kaushika came to know that all weapons were inferior to Brahmadanda and only great rishi holding rank of Saptarshi and Brahmarshi can hold it.

Hence king Kaushika went for meditation and latter became Brahmarshi Vishwamitra. The Bhrigu, Angiras, Atri, Vishwamitra, Kashyapa, Vasishta, and Shandilya were considered as Brahmarshi and Vishwamitra is the only Brahmarshi who hold this position by his meditation.


  • Ramayana
  • Mahabharata
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