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Bozby [Boz] is the most stunningest horsey on this planet He has a best buddy by the name of Don Juan, lives in a very nice field in England and is generally loved by everyone who meet him.

Boz's colour:

Thats kind of difficult to explain-sort of brownieblacky chocolatey bay, with orange nose, flank and bum hairs.

Bozby likes...

Food and Hugs and Rides and Don and other normal horsey things

Bozbys first brainwave:


Bozbys lastest brainwave:


Bozbys relatives:

Bozby has a mum (Christine) And a Uncle Liam And some random girl who loves Bozby to bits but is not really a relative

And thats about it. Oh yeah-the colour that goes best with his fur is black dont know why.


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