The wii console really does have a lot to offer with it's purchaseable games from the Wii Shop Channel™© to the way you can send messages from one console to another wii or e-mail address. The one thing that doesn't really appeal to me as much as those options however, is the Internet Channel. Don't get me wrong, the Internet Channel does offer lots of things also, but the internet just doesn't work that well on certain websites. So, I've come up with a whole list of the best compatible websites for the Wii.                                                                      Don't you just hate not being able to find the right game that yourlooking for on the wii, but when you find it, it doesn't load properly or just isn't the right game? Well below are some Wii compatible search engines that work every time for me:
    • HTTP:/
    • HTTP:/ Another thing that I can never find are good music sites. I just recently discovered google play and tried it on my wii but it didn't work. So, I searched the web all night looking for wii compatible music websites adn this is what I found: **HTTP:/ **HTTP:/ (offers video too) Now, to the good part : the games!: **HTTP:/ **HTTP:/ **HTTP:/ **HTTP:/
  • HTTP:/
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