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Wight (Þeliƿisc, or Þeliƿiht) is an English language that is believed to be mixed with Anglo-Saxon and Maltese, spoken in the English island of Wight by a very few Wight people. The language itself is considered to be very protective by the group and learning it would be quite an obstacle. In order to learn the language, you will have to prove yourself and be part of the ´tribe´.


The language is believed to be developed during the 10th century when people who appeared to be speaking Old-Arabic have influenced people from Wight. The Wightians started to adopt Old-Arabic words orArabicify their vocabulary. In a matter of time their words have evolved into what we now know as Maltese.


The current states of the Wight language is critcally dangered, the language is decreasing in a matter of years as people are aging. A large portion of the speakers are older than 40, while young speakers make up about 30% of the Wight-speaking population.


There is little information found on Internet because there is little info ´outsiders´know about the language. The language is mainly spoken by a tribe (group) in Wight who meet up every month to have group conversations. The speakers are also very protective of their language and those who want to learn it, will have to prove itself to the group.


The Wight language is not recognised because of the fact that it´s only spoken by a small minority of the Wight population.


The grammar of the Wight language is very simplified. When a word turns into a plural, -din will be added. Let's say play (Lácu) for instance, lácu will become Lácudin. But adding -din doesn´t apply to all words. In some cases a letter will be removed and sometimes the -d will be replaced with ð (-eth), an example of this is: Nárn (burn), by turning the word into a plural, the -n would be removed and be replaced with -ðin (Narðin).

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