Desmond A. Douglas, p/k/a WHUTEVA, is an American hip-hop recording artist from Queens, New York. At the age of 15, Whuteva met and made a pact with Grammy Award winning producer Rockwilder, who immediately took Whuteva under his wing and assisted him in his career. Whuteva has traveled across the globe performing alongside 50 Cent,[1] Eminem, Method Man and Redman. He's penned tracks such as "Mardi Gras" on the Friday After Next soundtrack[2] and the rowdy fight anthem Here I Come for UFC fighter Mike "Quick" Swick,[3] and highest selling song on action-sports album Rockwilder presents.....Blue Octane, with first single "Hustler". Whuteva has performed on TBN’s "Praise the Lord", BET's "106 n Park", ABC’s "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and Gospel Music Channel's "Hotlist".


Whuteva was a part of a short-lived rap group called Derelict Camp who signed a record deal with Next Plateau Records in 1996. Derelict Camp's first single "Move It In, Move It Out" was featured on Yo MTV Raps,[4] B.E.T, and "The Box". "Move It In, Move It Out" was also featured on labelmates album titled "Kool DJ Red Alert presents..." that same year.

In 1999, Whuteva recorded "The Mission"[5] with Shock G of (Digital Underground) and Big Punisher.


"Mardi Gras", Whuteva's first solo single produced by Rockwilder, was released in 2002 by Hollywood Records and was featured on Ice Cube's Friday After Next movie soundtrack.[2]

Whuteva has traveled the map as a hypeman with 50 Cent, as a part of G-Unit in 2003 during the time that 50 Cent released "Get Rich or Die Tryin".[1] With G-Unit, Whuteva has made appearances on MTV, BET's 106 n Park, Jimmy Kimmel Live!,[6] VH1's Behind the Music- 50 Cent. Other live performances are included on "50 Cent: The New Breed" DVD which has shows with Eminem and D-12.

Whuteva has two albums released to date in addition to the many collaborations he's made with other artists. "Who is Whu?eva", was the first release in 2003 mixtape-album hosted by Boogie Black, with production from Rockwilder, B.EZ, and DJ Twinz.


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Rockwilder presents.....Blue Octane, an action sports album inspired by Wakeboarding was released by Fuel/Warner Bros records in 2008 which included nine tracks featuring Whuteva. Blue Octane, was featured on Fuel TV, and other video productions. The most notable track, "Hustler", is the highest selling song on iTunes for that album. Also in 2008, Whuteva penned fight anthem for UFC's Mike "Quick" Swick. The song titled Here I Come. was used as the walk in music during Swick's fighting matches.

Whuteva has made television appearances on TBN's "Praise the Lord", and hosted video show, the "Hit list" [7] for Gospel Music Channel. Whuteva has also performed at "Faith World", the church of Clint Brown (formerly pastored by Benny Hinn).


  • 1996- Derelict Camp"- "Move It In, Move It Out (single)" (Next Plateau Records)
  • 1996- Kool DJ Red Alert presents...Move It In, Move It Out- Derelict Camp (Next Plateau Records)
  • 1999- Who's Got the Gravy- The Mission w/ Digital Underground, Big Pun, Stylez (Interscope Records)
  • 2002- Friday After Next Soundtrack- Mardi Gras (Hollywood Records)
  • 2003- Who is Whuteva (Hoodlum Fresh Records)
  • 2006- Highway 2 Heaven (K.I.K. Records)
  • 2008- Rockwilder presents... Blue Octane (Fuel/Warner Bros. Records)
  • 2012- Any Given Sunday (K.I.K. Records)


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