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Whifffvlepoooufz (more commonly whifflepouf)

Whifffvlepoooufz (more commonly spelt whifflepouf, and always pronounced like the more common spelling) is a game popularised by Stroud and Tetbury District young leaders, and nobody is entirely sure of its origin. The target of the game is to avoid being hit by an object (commonly a tennis ball or tea towel) attached to the end of a rope. The spinner stands in the middle of a circle of people and spins, holding the end of the whifffvlepoooufz which doesn't have the object attached to the end (whifffvlepoooufz is the name given both to the rope with an object attached to, and to the game itself). The attached object then spins round the circle of people, and any part of the whifffvlepoooufz hits someone below a set height (generally the knee or waist, although more hardcore players occasionally play a version where it can hit you anywhere) then that person is out.

This game is suitable for most ages, although in Scouting it is normally played by Cubs (8-10 y/o) and Scouts (10-13.5 y/o). This is because in younger sections the spinner (normally a young leader) has great difficulty spinning the whifffvlepoooufz at an appropriate height, due to the fact that most of the players are at his or hers kneee height.

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