On June 14, 1965 Werder Bremen hosted Indonesia in international friendly in Bremen. This was the second match for Indonesia after they have lost in first match in Europe tour against Feyenoord 6-1.


Indonesia played against Feyenoord. Feyenoord won 6-1.

Croatia v Indonesia 1956

June 14, 1965
Germany Flag of Germany.svg SV Werder Bremen 6 – 5 Flag of Indonesia.svg Indonesia Weserstadion
Attendance: 23,000
Referee: Flag of Germany.svg Germany Redelfs
Schulz Soccerball shade 14'55'85'88'
Höttges Soccerball shade 65'
Zebrowski Soccerball shade 76'
(Report) Soetjipto Soccerball shade 3'30'72'
Max Timisela Soccerball shade 57'82'


SV Werder Bremen 6 (2)

Günter Bernard
Horst-Dieter Höttges
Sepp Piontek
Helmut Jagielski
Heinz Steinmann
Diethelm Ferner
Arnold Schütz
Max Lorenz
Uwe Seeler
Hanz Schulz
Gerhard Zebrowski
Klaus Matischak
Germany Günter Brocker
Indonesia 5 (2)

Yudo Hadianto
Saleh Ramadaud
John Simon
Surya Lesmana
Abdul Kadir
Dominggoes Wawayae
Taher Jusuf
Iswadi Idris
Soetjipto Soentoro
Max Timisela
Andjiek Ali Nurdin
Yus Efek
Indonesia E.A Mangindaan
File:Formation of Werder Bremen v Indonesia.png

The game

First half

The temperature of the air in Weserstadion was 14 degree. The supporters look went easy on Indonesia. Finally the referee blew the whistle for the first half. Werder Bremen didn't play seriously and let Indonesian players played the ball from feet to feet. In the 2 minutes, Indonesia started to make attack, the result in the 3 minutes Maxi got the ball from Surya. He dribbled from the left side and he passed cross to the middle, Soetjipto(Gareng) there without marking, he shoot and its a goal for "Gareng". The goalkeeper was very surprised with that goal. In 7 min, Bremen started to play seriously and they focused to attack from the side. At 10 min, Bremen pressed Indonesian defence. In 14 min, Uwe Seeler dribbled from the left side and he crossed to Hanz Schulz. John Simon lost body charge with Schulz and Schulz scored the equalishing goal 1-1. This result was made Indonesian player improved their spirit. In 29 min, Indonesia did counter attack. Max Timisela long passed to front and "Gareng" there. He dribbled alone. Through Bremen one, two, till three players. Good skills by "Gareng". Gareng shoot from the distance 16 meters and watch a goal for Gareng. The goalkeeper just silent saw the goal. In 40 min, Bremen players shoot from the far distance but lucky, Yudo saved it.

Second half

Not wanted being ashamed, Bremen straight performed attack. In 55 min, from played feet to feet surpisingly, Uwe Seeler straight passed to Indonesian penalty box and Schulz there ready for received pass. John Simon lost body charge against Schulz and Schulz shoot the ball to the right corner side of the goal. The score was 2-2 and made Indonesian players more confident to make a goal. A beautiful game like Brazil game make Gareng, Max, and also Taher was liked "Pele", that said was shouted at Weserstadion. In 57 min, Gareng and Max did tiki-taka game. Saw the left side empty, he passed to the left side. Wow, surpsrisingly Maxi ran reach the ball. He sprint from the left side to the middle. Now he faced one to one with the goalkeeper. Without a doubt, he shoot slowly and goal, Indonesia 3-2. In 65 min, Bremen attacking Indonesia. One-two passed between Seeler and Schulz, Schulz received passed, he reached the goalkeeper. John Simon came, he did hard tackle, free kick for Bremen. Ran from behind, Horst Dieter Höttges took the free kick and the ball launch hard to the left side of the goal. Now 3-3 the result, Weserstadion thundering with that goal. In 70 min, both team attacking each other. Now Bremen supporters started to support Indonesia. Center midfield and the defenders of Werder Bremen always cheated by Gareng, Maxi, Taher, and Iswadi. In 72 min, that cheat did again, Gareng long passed to the left side and Taher received it. Taher dribbling through the line of the penaly box. The goalkeeper was cheated and reached. Taher gave the ball to Gareng and he shoot to the goal. Indonesia 4-3. After the fourth goal, Bremen supporters started to support Indonesia. When Indonesia dribbled the ball, they always proud Indonesian players and also shout their hands. In 76 min, Arnold Schütz ran from the right side and gave crossed to Zebrowski. Zebrowski heading and he made the equalishing goal 4-4. Mulyadi lost height against Zebrowski. In 82 min, Surya, Maxi, and Gareng gathering at Bremen penalty box. There is a flat cross from the left side, Gareng without a doubtful he shoot but hit the Bremen defenders. Luckily Maxi have received the ball, he shoot and goal. Lead 5-4 make Indonesian players down to their defence area. E.A Mangindaan gave command to the players to down. In 85 min, after one-two passed with Uwe Seeler, hanz Schulz have escaped from John Simon marking. Now he faced one on one with the goalkeeper. He shoot flat to left and the score 5-5. Not wanted draw, Indonesia did counter attack. Maxi dribbled but Bremen defenders have got the ball and long passed to Schulz. Schulz ran, he dribbled, John Simon marked him. Ouww, he fell down. The referee gave penalty for Bremen. Indonesian players came to the referee and said that there wasn't a foul. But the referee didn't care about it. Schulz was the kicker for penalty and he scored it. The final score was 6-5 for Bremen.

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