Wendy Geller is a Canadian video artist who's works deal with, among other things, issues of gender[1], sexuality[2], and class[3]. Geller was born in Winnipeg, Canada in 1957[4]. Geller earned a bachelors of fine arts from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and later received a M.F.A. from the University of California, San Diego[5]. Along with her work as a video artist, from 1987-1990 Geller also worked as an Assistant Professor at the Kansas City Art Institute. Geller died in 1996[6]. After her death, Geller's family established The Wendy Geller Fund at Video Pool which was intended to aid other artists in the production of independent works[7].


Jill Skinner - Diary of a Star (1985) Video, 9:20, Colour [clip]

Songbird, Chapters 1-3 (1986) Video, 24:00

Miss Teen Canada Pageant, The (1983) Video, 38:00

48 Hour Beauty Blitz (1982) Video, 45:00 [clip]

Correspondences - Letters Within the Landscape (1989) A/V Installation, not fixed

Private Residence (1973) Video, 6:30, Black & White [clip]

Ville D'Ester (1991) Video, 14:00

Masetto and the Nuns (1991) Video, 13:30 [clip]

Grotto of the White Tiger (1991) Video, 7:00

Stories for the Garden: Felicitous Spaces (1991) A/V Installation, not fixed

Natural Histories: Case Studies (1993) A/V Installation, not fixed

Domestic Bliss (1987) Video, 3:45, Colour

Pleasure Garden, Video, 12:00

Seven (1987) Video, 11:41, Colour [clip]

Stories for the Garden: Metamorphoses (1991) Video, 26:00, Colour [clip]

Six (1986) Video, 4:07, Black & White [clip]

Stories for the Garden: Winter Pictures (1992) Video, 26:00, Colour

Learning About Feminine Sexuality (1986) Video, 4:00, Colour [clip]

Stories for the Garden: Evolution (1992) Video, 26:00, Colour [clip]

Valley of the Ladies (1981) Video, 28:00

Natural History Case Studies: Grove (1993) Video, 60:00


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