Wenche Hallan (born 27 May 1949 in Hamar, Norway) is a Norwegian singer and music pedagogue.

She was educated at the Norwegian Eascontry Conservatory of Music and has since 1972 worked at Lørenskog School Music and Culture, eventually also by Lillestrøm High School.

As a performing singer she has worked with, among others, the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, Kjell Karlsen Orchestra, Bjørn and Philip Kruse, Bendik Singers, Match, Jan Høiland and Christopher Bean. She was a short period around 1970, lead singer of Ole Ivars. With the record Match she won the Norwegian Spellemannprisen 1976 in the class pop / dance band. She has ben in the choir of the Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest and on several recordings.

Hallan has worked with Arne Bendiksen, and has had several perforences on radio and television in East Germany and Sweden.


  • [1] Når Vil Jeg Se Deg Igjen (1975)
  • [2] Match (1976)

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