Weight Mate is the brand name of a "compact" line of forklift trucks made by Material Movement Corp. of Coopersville, Michigan.[1]

information listed on the manufacturer information plate:

(for the GT 3024 model)

max cap (lbs.) pima pimb
3000 24 102
2500 24 120
3000 18 120

This is the actual story of the Weight Mate fork lift truck, I know because I designed and engineered it, personally built the prototype and was president and owner of the company.

Material Movement Corporation was located at 323 Skeels Street in Coopersville Michigan 49404. It was founded by me in January 1969 in Grand Rapids, MI. The trucks were sold through seventy five dealerships through the USA of which about half were Allis Chalmers dealers. The company remained in business until I sold it to Allis Chalmers Industrial Truck Division in 1975. They retained the design, the Weight Mate name and all features, adding only the AC logo. I am not certain when production of the product ceased.

The following information and prices were current as of February 1, 1975.



All welded heavy steel bar construction with no castings or sheet metal provides superior strength and durability.

Power is supplied by a Onan model CCKA 16.5 BHP engine with Vacu-Flow air cooling which continuously draws cool air around every working part of the machine and expels warm air outside the enclosure.

=Hydrostatic Drive

The drive system consist of a dual section pump for true two speed motion in both drive and lift. The flow of oil is controlled by hi-lo and drive valves with feathering spools to provide smooth lurch free operation.


The mast is of all roller I-beam construction. Off center loads are contained by side rollers. All rollers ride on alloy steel, are adjustable and have sealed roller bearings. Two lift speeds are provided by the use of the hi-lo control lever.

Drive unit

A rugged ductile casting is the backbone of the drive unit. In it mounts the high-torque low-speed hydraulic drive motor, massive hardened steel gears which run in oil, a 2-inch-diameter (51 mm) axle mounted in tapered roller bearings and the fourteen inch drive tire. The entire drive unit rotates in tapered roller bearings through an arc of 180 degrees to give the truck the ultimate in maneuverability.


The units ate steered by a crank above the control panes turning hardened steel gear and pinion.

=Mast carriage

The carriage is of all welded construction. The fork hanger plates are standard I.T.A Class II.


All controls are designed for easy operation. Forward and reverse travel, lifting and lowering of the load and engine RPM are accomplished without removing the hand from the control handle. The tilt and hi-lo speed control levers are conveniently located. The operator stands solidly on both feet.

Removable counterweights

The cast iron counterweights can easily be removed in stages to reduce the truck weight by a 1000 pounds or more to meet special requirements.


Lift-off enclosure panels and a hinged top give accessibility to all components. Fiberglass enclosures provide a quieter and cooler running machine.


Ultimate maneuverability is achieved by rotating the drive unit through an arc of 180 degrees. This means the truck can pivot at the center of the load wheel axle with one wheel backing uo while the other rolls forward. The truck can therefore rotate within its own length.

Fuel systems

The units were available with a gasoline fuel system protected by a "Protecto-Seal cap and strainer or a propane system with a 20 lb. tank. A catalytic exhaust purifier was one of many options available.

Safety features

Weight Mate ST truck models met the design specifications of ANSI B56. 1-1969, Part II, The latest safety standards of the time. Maximum safety was provided by the overhead guard, load back rest, heavy operator back-guard, low step and superior stability. With Hydraulic brakes in the load wheels and the driving power in the steer wheel the Weight Mate can always be stopped and severe overload will prevent movement. It was Underwriters Laboratory approved and met all design specifications as required by OSHA.

The trucks were available in three models:

  • ST2024 with load capacity of 2000 lbs. @ 24" load center
  • ST2524 with load capacity of 2500 lbs. @ 24" load center
  • ST3024 with load capacity of 3000 lbs. @ 24" load center

Lift heights varied from 102" to 156". Free lift was 14" on the two stage masts. Other mast options were available which included full free lift and three stage masts.

List prices ranged from $5455.00 to $6140.00 for the standard units as of 2-1-1975. a wide variety of options could drive prices sharply higher.


  1. Now Cummins Onan. See
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