Web Security Guard is a Internet protection which prevents the user before visiting dangerous or potentially infected pages. It is based on users an online database continuously created by users, building of the database is based on contribution of the users,[1] Web Security Guard lets them read user website reviews, post their own review, warn other users or share their positive experience about a website. There are eight categories and every user (registered and unregistered, the registered one has bigger influence on the result) can classify all pages he visits, his marking is written to the database and shared for all users, the database is being updated once a day. In the installed Crawler toolbar,[2] what is a necessity for having the Web Security Guard, it informs visitors of potentially dangerous websites by displaying simple information and by clicking on the shield icon user reviews and detailed information,[3] before entering the current website. The basic information about the page, it is represented by background colors of the Web Security Guard icon, which can be in four colors[4]:

  • GREY: The page has no ranking (no information in the database)
  • GREEN: Safe page (users already ranked this page as a safe)
  • YELLOW: Warning (the page is potentially dangerous, user should consider visiting)
  • RED: Dangerous page (users marked it as a dangerous)

for each color can user set action, e.g. red - dangerous pages can be blocked and the visitor won't be let to visit it. It can work anyhow as a parental control.</br> Everyone can check any website in the online public database available on the Web Security Guard website.[5]

Two main extensions or modules

Anti-phishing protection

which works as URL diagnosis tool, it inspect every visited website's URL and by the special triple layer algorithm[6] inform the user whether the URL is a real address or a phishing one. This module is active by default but can be turned off in Web Security Guard's setting.

Safe search

Web Security Guard identify safe and dangerous websites in search results.[7] If the user search any keyword using any search engine, Web Security Guard displays a website rating icon within the search results. When the user moves the mouse cursor over the icon, Web Security Guard displays a rating of the website and navigates to more detailed information about the website.


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