Before there was Seal Team Six there was America’s elite counterterrorist operator, Delta Force created on 4 November 1979 and modeld after the British SAS. A handpicked group of the U.S. Army’s finest soldiers. The group specializes in hostage rescues and other difficult procedures to protect the lives of Americans throughout the world. Delta uses some of the most sophisticated weapons in the field today, and all are detailed in this book. Pistols, sniper rifles, rifles(like the M4 SOPMOD), special mission aircraft, fast attack vehicles, SCUBA and HALO/HAHO gear, and more are presented in this fully illustrated account of our country’s heroes and their tools of the trade.

This article uses material from the Wikipedia article Weapons of Delta Force (Battle Gear Series), that was deleted or is being discussed for deletion, which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
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