Warlance Entertainment is a gaming company originally co-founded by Craig White & Jordan White (No biological relation) and mainly focused on MMORPG games. In May 2011 (Founding month) Work began on their first title known inside as b11 (Codename, final name never finalized) and Craig was the lead developer on the project, in August 2011 Gabriel Quintana was recruited by Jordan White to work on the Sound of "b11", In November 2011 a private test of b11 was passed and was sent to over 10 test participants. Also in November 2011 work commenced on Mineshaft, again development being lead by Craig as b11's development was taken over by Mike (Senior Developer), the concept of the game was roleplaying the life of a miner in the industrial revolution of Wales (1800s) but in December 2011 Warlance Entertainment cut founding for b11 and Mineshaft, and over the next few months no new material was being produced so the majority of the staff left, in July 2012 Warlance Entertainment's domain ( was parked, this prompted the end of Warlance Entertainment.


On 22nd December 2012 Craig & Jordan announced to all former Warlance Entertainment employees that they would be offered their jobs back upon the "revival" of Warlance. It has not been confirmed, or speculated by Warlance insiders if any have decided to come back, but its been confirmed that Beth (personal info unknown) will take up the position of COO, Warlance's revival product "Tiny Hotel" is due to launch on the 23rd of December 2012 as a test platform but the lead developer Craig has confirmed via Skype that it is expected to be stable and suitable as a live product on the 1st of January at the earliest, the deadline for making the project stable is the 10th of January, Jordan also confirmed that in order to generate revenue they would sell an optional paid subscription "VIP" which will grant users much more special features, Tiny Hotel will be free to play, but optional premium subscriptions will be available from £3, Tiny Hotel is also hoped to generate the revenue required to complete work on b11, Mineshaft will not be continued, and Warlance Entertainment will solely focus on Tiny Hotel and b11. (b11 is still in very early development stages, despite the development taken place in 2011, and its unclear if the project will be abandoned, as Warlance Management has given it a time frame of 6 months until its released publicly as a test platform, failure to this deadline will result in a abandonment of the project).

Tiny Hotel

Tiny Hotel is rumoured to be powered by the Citrus Platform written by Craig, no other details have been announced.

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Revival 2

According to sources Warlance is relaunching under new management. Rumor has it that they are launching a service called "Warlance Gameservers".

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