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Walmart Workers Canada is the long-standing campaign, led by UFCW Canada (the United Food and Commercial Workers Canada), to help Walmart “associates” in Canada to exercise their constitutionally enshrined right to join a union and bargain a collective agreement with their employer, the Walmart corporation, Canada’s largest retailer.

The UFCW Canada campaign to help Walmart workers began in the mid-1990s, and since then 25 different groups of Walmart associates in five different Canadian provinces have applied to become members of UFCW Canada. Since 2003, UFCW Canada has maintained[1], a popular and award winning website that is dedicated to helping Walmart associates in Canada understand their rights as workers. The website was also created to provide workers with a forum where they can share their experiences as Walmart employees without fear of reprisal from the world’s largest corporation.

In June 2009, Walmart filed for an injunction against[2] with the Quebec Superior Court. Walmart’s injunction request against the labour rights website includes a long list of demands that, if imposed, would effectively prevent Walmart Workers Canada from using the terms “union for Walmart Workers”, “get respect”, and “live better”.

The injunction request also calls for Walmart Workers Canada to immediately cease and desist from using “...any oval, circular or semi-circular design that adopts the essential characteristics and colour scheme of Walmart’s Imbranded Indicia”, a demand that sparked the creation of a tongue-in-cheek Facebook[1] and YouTube[2] campaign called SAVE the CIRCLE which has drawn the attention of the New York Times[3], Wall Street Journal[4] and Huffington Post[5], and is helping to raise some serious questions about corporate transgressions on the internet regarding free speech and digital rights.

Quebec’s high court is expected to hear Walmart’s arguments against the[3] in the spring of 2010.


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