Personal life

Wafaa Khalifa (born 19 June 1977 ) in Tunisia. She lived in Bahrain for 13 years then moved to live in Riyadh. Nowadazs she lives in London. Waffa is a beautiful and famous business woman in the United Kingdom. She Married to Mohammed Tarabulsi and she got three children Sabrina, Lina and Ahmed. They are doing business in media production.[1][2][3] She has a close friendship with the famous singer Wael Jassar.[4]

Career and Achievements

Wafaa holds Bachelor of Arts from college.After she moved to Saudi Arabia she founded Saberanh (Sabrina)Magazine dedicated to sophisticated and stylish ladies.[5] Sabrina has come to crystalline the standard of ladies’ usual publications, the stylish, culturally sophisticated elite ladies with stars and glamour in your eyes. Since launching of the first baby steps of our Sabrina ( that took place on the 24th of June 2012 at the Eau De Vie - Phoenicia Intercontinental hotel in Beirut), we have committed to polish diamonds out of the stones of the media chatter, just to bring to you the truths unfold into an exquisite piece of art. Sabrina stood steal in the commitment, and is dedicating herself into bringing you the content that suits to the idealized woman inside of you, every elite indefinable part of yourself. From the up-to-the-minute tittle-tattle all the way to the most prestigious hotel suite of your dreams, Sabrina will insure pulling you between her pages to live an unforgettable journey into the world of stars and splendor. Leaving you enchanted in the sizzle we are daring to publish.[6] On the other hand, Khalifa has authored a book about herself in Beirut and in less time the book had a great success. Now, she manages her husband's business.And also is managing the Sabrina Magazine in London and soon she will finish her second book.Opening Saberanh magazine with famous singers and actors[7][8]


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