W. R. Hutsell is the author of the popular shareware DOS wargames VGA Civil War Strategy Game, EGA Civil War Battleset, Wars of Napoleon, and World War II In Western Europe. All of the games are currently available free.

Initially he created the games and placed them free on a BBS but eventually began charging for them as people wanted copies on disk. Later he handed the rights to distribute the games over to David Mackey, who initially sold them as well but eventually released them free at their currently hosted location.

An early ASCII version of EGA Civil War Battleset was probably Mr. Hutsell's first creation. The game was tactical in nature. VGA Civil War Strategy followed and was strategic. Then came World War II In Western Europe, a tactical game based upon the Civil War Strategy engine. Following this was his final work, Wars of Napoleon which used both the strategical and tactical engines of the earlier games.

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