Vyavastha Parivartan ( Change the System ) Indian People want to change the political system and brings a honest people whose make india a proudy country in the world and we too said that we are hindustani or bhartiya. we also change the rules and regulation which was made by britisher's and we are following these. Read and give comments on it and give also your opinions is it right and this should be in our country so that we and our next generation live their life without any fear and without any corruption.
our 6 changes
1) Rules and regulation should be changed which was created or suggested by "British rulers"
2) We should make new Rules & Regulation against Corruption so that we live our life without corruption or without giving any bribe.
3) Our 400 lakh crore rupees which is our but we can 't used our money due to some industriliest and politisians. They cheated with our country so that we need to brings our money from there.
4) Removed all the sign's of britisher from india.
5) We also need to make a eligibility critiria for politics like a person who apply for a job(Who should not be a criminal or no any case should be on that person.
6) Everything should be transparent in india and all the peoble should know everything about their system.

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