Vserv is a leading global Mobile Ad Network, having grown from just two founders to a strong global team. The company has been at the forefront of the Mobile Advertising revolution, in turn being evangelists, thought leaders and pioneers in this space. With premium App Inventory on both Feature phones and Smart phones, Vserv offers unparalleled reach to a wide demographic. More than anything else, the company loves the Mobile Ecosystem and is very excited to play a pivotal role in increasing its relevance and utility for consumers, marketers, content creators and developers.


Vserv was founded by two Mauj Mobile executives Dippak Khurana and Ashay Padwal in 2010. Khurana was the previously Business Head (Content & International Operations) at Mauj and Padwal was CTO. Unlike their competitors which focused on smart phone Vserv targeted the feature phone market which had greater market penetration.


In 2011 received angel investment from Ajay Adiseshann, founder & MD, PayMate[1]

Vserv also raised $3M in series A funding from IDG[2]


The AppWrapper ( formerly know as the AdWrapper ) is a technology developed by Vserv which enabled a publisher to quickly add Ads to their application. It is currently available for Android , J2ME & Windows phone 7[3]


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