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Violeta is one of the most enigmatic talents on the dance scene. Born in Bucharest, Rumania, she was awarded the diploma for first solo ballerina at the Bucharest School of Art.

She moved to Italy to cultivate her passion for beauty and to work as a model and actress.

She tried her hand at singing and soon turned up at the Off Limits recording studios in Reggio Emilia. After an audition, the Benny Benassi team started working on material for her vocal style and introduced her to Paul French. Together they formed the BIZ, an exceptional vocal duo and live act whose prowess characterises the amazing album HYPNOTICA by Benny Benassi presents The Biz and the hit single SATISFACTION. Apart from The Biz project, this extraordinary artist also performs on the single I LOVE MY SEX by Benassi Bros. feat. Violeta.

Out now the new single RUMENIAN included on the Benassi Bros. Album 'Pumphonia'. The unusual spelling is the result of a cross between the English 'Rumanian' and the Italian 'Rumena', highlighting the fusion of the two cultures typical of the Italian dance scene, with the added spice of vocals performed in VioletaÂ’s mother-tongue, Rumanian, of course. In the studio, she's quite something. Live, she's something else.

VIOLETA now resides between New York and Los Angeles where she worked in collaboration with the most Americans believed producers mainly of Hip Hop & Electronics House Music. Emotional is the her new song, it comes from that work environment and its footprint is unique engaging the Electronic Breaks style.

Probably this song will be a new benchmark for all music lovers who prefer to enjoy the music with emotions instead of classifying it.

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