Violet Eloise Whaley was the second daughter and fifth child born to Thomas and Anna Whaley on October 14th, 1862.

Violet Whaley had a double wedding with her elder sister, Anna Amelia, on January 5, 1882. She married George T. Bertolacci while her sister wed her first cousin John T. Whaley, son of Henry Hurst Whaley. Two weeks into Violet's marriage, as the couple was traveling back east on their honeymoon, she awoke one morning to find her husband gone. George T. Bertolacci, as it turned out, was a con artist, and as Violet and her family later learned, had only married her for the substantial dowry he believed he would collect, upon the marriage. After his abandonment, Violet returned home to her family in Old Town, San Diego. Due to the restrictive morals and societal standards of the time period, Violet was essentially shunned by polite society upon returning home, not only without her husband, but also unchaperoned, something proper ladies simply did not do in late 19th century Victorian society. Violet and George's divorce was finalized approximately a year later, but Violet never recovered from the public humiliation and betrayal and suffered from depression. [1] Violet committed suicide by shooting her self in the chest with Thomas's 32-calibre on August 18, 1885.[2] She was then 22 years of age. Violet left a suicide note which read:

"Mad from life's history, Swift to death's mystery; Glad to be hurled, Anywhere, anywhere, out of this world." [3]


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