Vincent Midnight is the CEO and Editor In Chief of Runway Media, Inc. a subdivision of Runway Beauty, Inc. the publisher of Runway®, the international fashion and celebrity review and the new Runway TV® channel launching in 2012 on DirecTV. Runway's other divisions include Runway Internet, Runway News and Runway Events, a runway show production company. [1]Runway Media is backed up by Stauns Inc. the bank behind Lions Gate and Global Oil and Gas.

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AKA, Runway Beauty, Inc. The corporation has four part, Runway - the international fashion and celebrity review magazine, Runway TV, Runway Interactive and Runway Productions. Runway's primary investments come from the Oil Industry . The primary investment and shares of Runway Beauty are owned by large Oil companies. Primary design control of Runway is held by Vincent and Michel Shane for Runway TV, a Hollywood super producer known for producing large films like, iRobot and Catch me if You Can, with Tom Hanks and Leondardo DeCaprio. Runway Beauty holds trademarks for Runway, Runway TV, Runway Beauty, and Runway News. The companies main website is located at .


Vincent was born on April 13 in Philadelphia, PA. His parents are from Calabria, Italy and came to the United States during the 60’s. Vincent is currently single, he has been divorced since 2000 and he is currently raising 2 daughters, ages 13 and 14. Vincent's father is deceased and his mother is retired entrepreneur. Vincent is 100% Italian, with over 17 generation or pure Italian blood before him. Vincent is a Scientist, Artist, Engineer and Designer.[2] Runway ® Project: Vincent launched Runway in 1997 as one of the first Internet magazines available. It took over a decade to get the Runway project into full speed. In 2002 the first formal printed Runway came out. Distribution was mainly in digital at this point. In 2006 Runway made its move from mostly digital to print. [3] Signed by Kable Distribution the world’s largest magazine distributor, Runway is now available around the world including, USA, UK, Canada, France, Italy, Mexico, Australia, Singapore and many more.[4]


Runway can be found at Barns and Noble, Walgreens, Target and many other fine book stores. Runway can be found on the internet at [5]


2007 – B.S. in Justice - Arizona State University


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