Richard Vestuto provides national leadership to Merrill's Client Advisory Services. He is responsible for providing legal insight, best practices guidance, and other technology based litigation and Data Retention strategies. Working with top law firms and corporate clients, he has developed eDiscovery Response Plans, eDiscovery Strategies, Litigation Hold policies, Document Retention audits, Early Case Assessment strategies, and Preservation / Data Acquisition plans. Clients have engaged his services for Meet & Confer consulting and Rule 36(b) deposition preparation and participation. He also has served as an expert witness on numerous occasions and in numerous jurisdictions; testifying and/or drafting affidavits and similar court submissions attesting to validity of searches, forensic investigation procedures and findings, eDiscovery procedures, cost sharing, spoliation issues and other electronic discovery findings and procedures. He has had extensive experience in Cross Border Litigation involving EU and other international data privacy restrictions. --Rvestuto (talk) 12:01, 2 June 2012 (UTC)

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