Veloce Automobili was founded in 2010 by Akshyn Biman-Telang, wanting to make a fast and affordable sports/luxury micro car.In 2011 he made the first plans for the Rendimento GTC. The GTC is a one seater sport micro car meant for the track, as it is not road legal. At the moment it is a one-off car and is being planned to come out in mid-late 2013.

Rendimento GTC Specifications:

Legnth: 227.33 cm (89.5")

Width: 111.7 cm (44")

Height : 132 cm (55.9")

Curb Weight: 400 Lbs (181 Kg)

Motor: 14.4 HP (10.8 Kw) @ 1200 RPM

61 ft/lb (82.7 Nm) of torque @ 0 RPM

Electric brushed DC motor

Motor Placment: Rear-Mid mounted

Driven Wheels: Rear-wheel drive

Transmission: 1-speed direct drive

Top Speed: 67 Km/h (42 MPH) est.

Battery Pack: 36 volt, 70 amp hours

Range: 64 Km (40 miles) est.

Steering: Direct

Brakes: Hydraulic rear disk

Mechanical rear disk parking brake

Space Frame: Steel

Body: Plastic and Aluminium

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