'Valy (Template:FaS), full name 'Valy Hedjasi (* 29 May 1986 in Mashhad, [ [Iran]] [1]), is a persischsprachiger pop musician from Heidelberg.


His parents, both artists and musicians come from Herat in Afghanistan. At age seven he was playing traditional instruments. Later he was taught in Indian, Arabic and Persian music. His teachers included the late Afghan musicians Nasrat Parsa, who taught him in Indian classical music, and Bassam Ayoub.

Even before the release of his first album, which was by the Iranian record label' Avang published, Valy reached by the two singles "Bia Tu" and "Delamo Shekoondi" a very high reputation among Afghans and Iranians. Since the release of his first album Love After 2007, he is considered one of the most successful Afghan musicians and as one of very few that even in neighboring Iran gained great fame. The album was produced by Kostas Karagiozidis, who also produced several albums of Iranian singer Afshin.

Soon after the release of his first album to Valy went on his first tour ( Bia Tu Tour). They included five concerts in Canada and the United States. Her 2008 is also a DVD called Valy Live in America appear. Following the great success he joined after his second tour ( World Tour 2008) which extends across four continents and the most comprehensive tour of an Afghan artist in the Afghan Music History will be.

Its success was Valy on Noor TV Awards 2008' voted the Best Artist of the Year. In May 2008, Valy appeared on the cover of Sitara Magazine.

I applied at a gig in California as part of the Celebration Nawroz 2008 Valy was the establishment of the known Valy Foundation, whose purpose lies in the philanthropic support of the children of Afghanistan and by then already over two million dollars.

With the two most recently published songs, "Setara" and "Don - Larsha Nangarhar Ta", he got the desire of fans, some verses on Pashto sing. Valy Hedjasi currently lives in Ransbach-Baumbach (56,235).

Critique === === Of the Afghan artist Seeta Qasemie Valy is accused of concealing their involvement in songs of his album. She claims the composer of the song Delbareh Mehraban to be and that the female voice of her tribe. Even with Bia Tu her voice was heard without Valy call their participation. [2]

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