Valder Fields is one of the most famous songs of Tamas Wells.It created a really warm atmosphere with strings,piano and harmony.Valder is a place.This song is included in the album A Plea En Vendredi.It was written when Tamas Wells was having a program about the education of AIDS in the northern Burma. It is the sound of nature that tear and sweat make up.

Background of Valder Fields:

Tamas wrote this song when he was in Burma during a season with lots of rain. At that time,he was devoting himself in a program on the education of AIDS. Tamas said that Valder Firlds is a song of stream of consciousness. It hints that a kind of life pressure. Tamas just wants to tell us not to distort the facts just because you undertake too much or too less.


I was found on the ground by the fountain at Valder Fields and was almost dry.   Lying in the sun after I had tried    Lying in the sun by the side We had agreed that the council would end at three hours over-time   Shoelaces were tied at the traffic lights,   I was running late.   (I) could apply for another one I guess. If department stores are best. They said there would be delays, only temporary pay She was found on the ground in a gown made at Valder Fields and was sound asleep (on the) stairs above the door to the man who cried when he said that he loved his life.   We had agreed that the council should take his keys to the bedroom door (In )case he slept outside and was found in two days   In Valder Fields with a mountain view.



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