Vako Kirkitadze (Writer/Director/Producer)

was Born In Georgia, 1989, in the family of artists. As a child he experienced a war in his country. Because of misery and poverty, his family sold everything, but the old 16mm projector, which didn’t have a sound. So his grandfather, Guram Gegechkori, who was an imitator, decided to make screenings every night and earn some money from neighbourhood. After that he decided to follow cinematographic arts In 2008, he shot a short movie “September” the tagline of which was “Farewell To Arms”. Film appeared to be almost prophetic, as another war erupted in Georgia, while shooting the movie. Moreover, while shooting, they recall a Russian bomber jet flying over their films set. However, despite of obstacles they managed to make a movie, which entered in competition programs of a different international Film Festivals including: Montreal(Canada),” Molodist”(Ukraine), Drama “Greece” and In Wiesbaden, Germany, the movie was screened on grand opening of “Go East Film Festival” After success of September he shot another short, “Rhesus Negative”. This work of his got praised by the critics and entered “Movie Shock”, “VGIK”, “Start”, “TelAviv” and other international film festivals. After that he was inspired by contemporary arts, especially with works by Roy Lichtenstein and Damien Hirst. He decided to make the movies corresponding to the vision and issues that contemporary art addresses. So he moved to New York, since it is the center of contemporary arts and independent filmmaking. In New York he made his first movie in USA “The Executioner”, the movie about a man, who tries to kill himself in front of his wife’s grave. However, he can’t do it because he is not prepared well and he faces obstacles, which he can’t overcome. After “The executioner” he made the movie “The sight” about the blind woman who calls man prostitute to act her dead husband. Curently he is MFA candidate at NYU Tisch School Of Arts.

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