Venkataraman Yegnanarayanan is an Indian mathematician and is currently working as a senior professor at  in Chennai. His joint Research paper[1] in 2003 with the leading eminent Indian Mathematician Professor R.Balasubramanian, Director Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai[2] has fetched him the Erdos number 3. For more see [3].

References   [1]R.Balasubramanian, Venkatesh Raman and V.Yegnanarayanan., The Pseudoachromatic Number of Join of Graphs, International Journal of Computer Mathematics, Vol 80, No.11, Sep 2003, 1131-1137, ISN 0020-7160,1029-6265. [2]Dr R.Balasubramanian,Director, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai-600113, India [359.92.47.143 15:10, October 19, 2013 (UTC)]Use profiles for V.Yegnanarayanan

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