I am Usman Saifi belongs to Vill-Daurara, Teh-Hasanpur, Dist-J.P. Nagar. My qualification is B.Ed, Post graduate in Mass Communication and I am a journalist by profession. My hobbies are to help people as much I can do.

I would like to congratulate Saifi community for their achievements in last 5/10 years. I also would like to highlight a point here that Saifi community has grown up financially very well however we(Saifi) are could not grow much in the field of education. We can grow in this field if we would contribute to build colleges to provide education in various fields like medical, administration, teaching, hotel mgmt and engineering so that our new generation can achieve IFS, IAS, PCS and other good positions. We are also lacking in the field of politics as we don't have any big names in Indian politics from the Saifi community and believe me, we are higher in population if we compare ourself with other communities. If our generation would be well educated, we would be able to achieve many milestones of our life.

This can only be achieved if Saifi community come together on a same platform. I feel our community tried it earlier to come together on the same platform but there were few gaps and could not achieve as much as can be done.

if you want Saifi community to be come together for the better future of the next generation, lets join our hands. Please email me on my below email id.

I would also like to know your suggestions, please do not hesitate to write the email.

Jazakallah khair, Usman Saifi 07830008783 --Usman.ali.saifi (talk) 15:50, 13 June 2012 (UTC)ċ

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