Tekin Girgin born in Agri, Turkey Film Director, Production Designer and Artist in Hollywood. He was the winner of 2012 Santa Barbara 10-10-10 International Film Festival for Best Director. Six Flags sketch artist of the year, Ankara International 3. Dimension 1st place award winner. He went to University of Hacettepe, studying Graphic Design (2001) He attended Erie Community College Visual Communication Art while working fulltime as a Graphic Design Artist; he opens his first business: a Coffee Shop as Kahve Coffee House at Niagara Falls, NY 2007. He moved to Ventura, California in May 2010 to attend Brooks Institute Film School. He has Directed films, Music Videos, Commercials and Professional Photography. He created a second business; a production company called "Revolve Media and Production"; which has numerous amounts of Music Videos , Commercials, Films, Art Direction for Feature films and Graphic Design.

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