EntitledWhat Is Your Foundation This Semester

'MEM. VERSE: “'1 COR.3:10-12; EPH.1:4:2:20,2 TIM.2:19,JOS.6:10,MAT.13:35:25:34.”

'1.       'What is the meaning and application of FOUNDATION?

'2.       'Who is the foundation?

'3.       'What will be the benefit of having Good foundation and weak foundation?

ü  Foundation: -  is defined as the footstool, the makeup, and the solid rock on which something is or structure is established.


v  Every building or house has a foundation which was laid on before the structured is continuing.

v  The foundation on which every building is laid or placed determines the type of structure and the house which is going to be put on it.

v  The same foundation determines the life span of the structure or the building and how long the structure is going to be on the foundation.

v  The same foundation will show or tell the strength or how strong the structure is going to provide for the builder or the owner. Luke 6:48

1.       When a child or everything begins there is a foundation which is first laid before that child or the thing grows. Whether the thing is going to be successful or not determine the foundation on which the building was laid.

To become successful in life or live to fulfill your mission or dreams in life determine your foundation so if your life is not good check you foundation. What are the missed opportunity in  your in life?

2.       A lot of people have fail or loose battle in life due to the weak and poor foundation which he or she was brought up from. We have a lot of great men and women who did not start a good foundation or get good foundation so they don’t want their children to become successful in all what they do mostly illiterate parent who don’t want their children progress.

3.       (Neh.2:17). Let us rise up and build; In the bible the wall of Jerusalem was broken and Nehemiah had intuition to build the broken wall, brethren if the is a broken war in your life and you don’t rise up with those who can help you as you will suffer the more.


There are two types of foundation

'1.       'Spiritual foundation

'2.       'Physical foundation

Under physical foundation we have three types on which housing depends

'a)      'Permanent foundation for permanent structure

'b)      'Semi-permanent foundation for semi-permanent structure

'c)       'Temporal foundation for temporal structure 

v  The type of building determine the type of the foundation which will help it to last long in life


“I pray that the as you move on in life you will be able to understand yourself and the foundation that has being laid for you.

1.       When you read carefully the bible verses; Paul was try to explain to us the foundation we and he was building at first when he did not know Jesus the and he was laying and when he has know him what he is testifying to us.

v  He did not know that he was the chief corner stone which the builders rejected so he the master builder there is no other foundation he can build on it other than the   one build  by Christ.(Acts.4:11-12),( 1 cor.3:11)

2.       When you read (1 cor.3:12) the type structure everyone who want to lay a structure on the foundation which is already laid is building but to be able to know the type of your building you should know the building and the type and the foundation. When you continue you will know those with wrong items.

v  If the foundation wasn’t good Paul wouldn’t have continue rather because in verse he said war be on who lay his building on this rock

3.       What is your foundation now and the benefit you get in life? But this foundation am talking has the following benefit. Look unto Jesus the alter and the perfecta of our faith:

a)      '''''The foundation has given us hope in and to those who are hopeless has had hope.

b)      '''''Has change what was not good and thrown away and used it to glorify him.

c)      '''''Has brought the one in darkness to light.

d)      '''''Has made the losers----winners and failures----victors.

e)      '''''He has being the headed to the downhearted and the poor (weak).

f)       '''''Has save us and make us likened to his glory in him and in God.

Jesus never fails so no other foundation which has not being laid by Christ brings victory and favour'''''.

4.       The world was brought forth from the words of God and before then there was foundation it was laid on which Jesus Christ that Is why in John 1:3 without him nothing was made that wad made so even God established his plans on this Jesus and everything he did became successful so how more earthly human, I want to ask what foundation are building your marriage, your education, your family, your licensing whom are you trusting, you final exams whom are you believing for victory. The man I can entrust you JESUS.

5.       God chose us in him before the world was created; that we might my know the light and be blameless and citizens with that foundation we can have Apostles, Prophets, with Christ himself.


Effect of having weak or getting weak foundation?

A.      Every weak foundation suffers and if no deliverance comes the way he later dies. We can make this emphasis in our life, those who suffer poverty sometimes complain about where they were brought up from in life. A poor person always suffer and sometimes dies without being successful, but when he is along the line meet Gods grace on the way and break it in the family those ahead enjoys.

B.      '''Weak foundation mostly missed opportunities in life, they most get the potentialities and God endowed children but mostly mist opportunity to train them in a better place to be successful early. Some time you can get a brilliant person in a family but money to train those people, because of weak foundation and financial broke those people miss more opportunity to access better education. But sometimes along the way God meet them rewrite their story. I pray that God should meet you and every foundation that is not good in your family he should rewrite in Jesus name.


'''''I ''''' pray that your labour to bring breakthrough in the family and your labour in the lord should not be in vain, and should make you suffer like the weak foundation but even you have I pray that the good lord meet you today. If yesterday was for somebody today and tomorrow will be yours in Jesus name. If he has done it for somebody his plan for you is not to bring you to this far and put in shame. He is the alpar and omega you problem is small in his sight so look unto him for he is your helper. God see you through in Jesus name”.

Effect of having a strong foundation.

A.      Strong foundations always enjoy life and success in life. After every man or foundation builder has succeed the person who inherit mostly enjoy and the stand in the family too become protected and sometimes serve god well.

B.      They mostly live to understand God but those who mostly don’t suffer live to be ungrateful to God somehow because they came to meet no bad foundation.  I  pray that God should make your foundation become bright but make your inheritors understand God and serve him better than even as you had it your serve God. Melchizedik told Abraham that is not your effort to win this battle but by God grace and favour (Gen.14:1-24)


v  In all the bible encourages us I (1peter.5:10),” God who has called us make us suffer small and after that he strengthened us he does make us remain in the suffering, and water us and also glorify us” so am asking when you came to Christ how was you? Where are you? Where are you heading towards? What have you achieve? Jesus is the answer to all this prayers and believes in him. I entreat to have personal communion with him he can make new things in your life in Jesus name.

v  If there are slow and hard things for and as you are casting your anxiety on him(1pet.5:7)  he can make your life new(Isaiah.43:19) and change you story in Jesus name as Jabes.








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