When is the time to medical care for your child, treatment is just as important as quality associated to it. Irvine Pediatrics provides world-class quality health care for infants, children and adolescents. Our skilled team of skilled pediatricians are world leaders in pediatric care.

We are not mere doctors – we put ourselves in the shoes of the parents and aspire primarily for children’s healthcare. Few of our main services includes Immunizations, New born Care and their Dietary Guidelines.


The risk of complications rise from childhood diseases is much higher than other risks from immunisation. Immunisation protects children (and adults) against harmful infections before they will come in contact in the community people.

Immunisation uses body’s natural defence mechanism it will be the immune response to protect against specific infections. There are diseases which can be prevented by routine immunisation few of them are:

1.       Diphtheria

2.       Tetanus

3.        Whooping cough

4.       Polio

5.       Measles

6.       Haemophilus influenza type b and hepatitis B

Any of the above diseases can cause serious complications and sometimes leads to death.

At Irvine Pediatrics we follow the immunization guidelines recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). We make parents understand about their child getting sick and will help them make informed decision about immunisation on the basis of real time reports and provide complete treatment including vaccine preventable diseases, vaccines, vaccine side effects and will see if you are eligible for national vaccine programs and etc. we want your child to stay fit.

Practical Parenting

At Irvine Pediatrics, parents are imparted with extensive training, pediatricians are well experienced in physical, emotional, and social development of child. Children may feel too young or shy to speak to pediatricians but they understand the importance of listening carefully to them, and to you too. They will answer all your questions and help you and guide about your child health and development.

Keep All Your Worries Away Because Your Baby Care Is In Right Hands!!

Once your baby is born, a doctor or nurse will perform a series of check up’s to determine your baby's physical condition. A routine evaluation needs urgent medical care

The birth of a baby is a wonderful but yet a complex process. There are many physical and emotional changes occur for mother and her baby.

A baby must make physical adjustments to outside life after coming out of mother’s tummy:

·         The lungs must breathe outside air and inhale properly.

·         The cardiac and pulmonary changes.

·         The digestive system and kidneys should start functioning as normal

·         The liver and other systems must function independently

Your baby's body systems must adopt in a new way. Sometimes, it is difficult for baby absorbing the transition to the environment here our expert pediatricians will guide you slowly and gradually your baby will be comfort state.

Get rid of all worries about your baby’s health care. Book an appointment today to seek medical advice from expert Pediatrics doctor here.

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