Oligon Powder

 ‪ Gauhar Tablet

 Hazmina Tablet

  ‪‎Simsim Oil (Head-Ache & Flu Oil)

  ‎Imuhan Capsule ‪

  ‎Zulfina Hair Oil  

  ‪‎Ala Majun

These products is 100% Herbal

These products for following Disease:

Maturation of Pus Infection (UTI) Plus, Burning Sensation in Urine, High Blood Pressure, Inconvenience in Urine Passing, Kidney Stone, Gas Trouble, Stomach- Ache Spasm, Hungriness, Strength, Men Sexual Power, Constipation, Digestion, Head-Ache, Intestinal Spasm, Anxiety, Passing Blood & Mucous Through Stool, Hair Supplement, Protecting from Scalp dermal or fungal, Flu, Epilepsy, Diabetes etc.

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Mobile: +91 8286149403


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Khan's Herbal Team

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